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Kenny Metcalf as Elton
Accomplished musician and vocalist, Kenny Metcalf recreates the multiple Grammy-winning legend and flamboyant superstar in each and every performance. Dazzling outfits, stunning vocals, and a spectacular backing band complete this phenomenal reproduction that brings the audience on an adventure of both sight and sound.
A Note From O'Mara Entertainment...
This is one of those tributes that will make you believe that you are truly watching an Elton show. At the heart of this tribute is the highly talented, Kenny Metcalf. His attention to detail reaches from his singing, to his playing, and finally, to his costumes. I'm absolutely positive that you'll never find an Elton tribute as close to this on. I remember, at one show he came out on stage dressed in the Pinball Wizard costume, which included the 4-foot high boots. It just shows the lengths that Kenny will go to to fully immerse the audience in the Elton John experience. Along with Kenny is a note-for-note backing band that helps bring the legendary performer to life. Kenny and the band transcend the audience through some of the best memorable songs of a legend. I highly recommend Kenny and the band for any type of occasion because everyone loves this band!

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