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Live From Earth

Named after Benatar's 1983 live album, LIVE FROM EARTH celebrates the music of rock legend Pat Benatar. Since 2014, this band comprised of top-notch LA veteran musicians led by accomplished singer Jill Marie Burke, offers powerhouse vocals & stellar showmanship as they bring to the stage an explosive tribute to one of the most influential and favorite female rock vocalists of all time. They provide their audiences with all of Pat’s big hits including Heartbreaker, Love Is A Battlefield, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, and even a few non-Benatar rock classics! Watch, listen & experience the very best of 80’s female Rock-n-Roll.


A Note From O'Mara Entertainment...

Great band, and excellent performers. Each and every one of them. But let's talk about the focal point of the band... the lead singer. Pat Benatar will always be remembered as one of the finest female voices in rock and roll history, period. And when you think of her, you think of her slender moves, her staunch stage presence, and the way she could really belt out a ballad or a hard rock song. Jill, from Live From Earth brings all the attitude plus the pure vocal excellence to the stage. And she's got a long list of performances to back her up. Live From Earth is a great addition to any club, casino, festival, city park, or your good ol' 80's flashback event. 

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