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No Duh

No Duh is not just the best tribute to No Doubt & Gwen Stefani, they're one of the best tribute acts in the world. It's not just great music, it's a complete, high energy, amusing, audio-visual explosion! 

No Duh mixes the experience and energy of a live No Doubt & Gwen Stefani concert with nostalgic visuals, styling's, and props from the No Doubt & Gwen Stefani videos, complete with costume changes and even some humor! Close your eyes or keep them open. You will feel like you are experiencing the real thing. It's rare to see a tribute act excite an audience like this band. Not to mention that they are home-based in Orange County California, just like the original No Doubt.

No Duh has been mentioned by Gwen Stefani in interviews. She stated, "they're amazing!" And says of our lead singer, "I was almost jealous of her because she [Spen] was just so cute.  No Duh rules!" And they should know since they've seen the band perform, and seizing the opportunity, No Doubt members joined No Duh on stage for an amazing moment in the band's epic musical journey.

The popularity of No Duh has opened the door to live performances on national, and international Television & Radio, including a full length feature on "Good Morning America," "CNN Headline News,” and on AXS TV's, "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands".


A Note From O'Mara Entertainment...

When you get the respect and notoriety from the band you're paying homage to, then you've done something right. No Doubt loves this band, and so do I. Super fun, super talented, and on point. The band puts on a show that rivals the real thing. The entire group is lively, entertaining, comical, and upbeat. And the lead singer is quite impressive as she dominates the stage with beauty and swagger. This is one of those true professional tribute bands that will have you tapping your toes and singing along... uh... no doubt.

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