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So Madonna

Based in Los Angeles, So Madonna is the Ultimate Tribute Act to 1980's Madonna! Focusing on the material girl's glory days ('83-'90), they dress up, celebrate, and make every day feel like a holiday... complete with iconic wardrobe changes, choreography, and memorable Madonna moments. Playing your favorites, from “Borderline” and “Burning Up” to “Like A Prayer” and “Vogue,” they’ll make you GET UP ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

A Note From O'Mara Entertainment...

Talk about an 80's flashback; it's So Madonna! I love this band because the entire band gets involved in the stage show. Plus they meet all the criteria needed to be a great tribute band. But you can't do a tribute to Madonna without a great Madonna. In this case we have the diverse and energetic Julianne Ruck who, I must add, does an outstanding job. As Madonna, she is capable of adapting her voice to each song, perfectly recreating the Queen of Pop. Along with a band of high level players, Julianne manages to pull off multiple costume changes in each performance. I actually don't think I know of any other Madonna tribute, but that doesn't matter because I'm positive that no one could sing those songs as well as she does. So Madonna is a great band for all events and occasions. You really need to see them live!

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