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The K-Tel All-Stars

The K-Tel All-Stars are the premiere tribute to AM Radio's rock and pop super hits from the 70's. The band plays chart-topping songs from 1970 to 1979, including number-one hits, one-hit wonders, and other unforgettable gems from the greatest era in music history. In other words, you'll know every song! The K-Tel All-Stars are fast becoming the most popular 70's band for all occasions. 

A Note From O'Mara Entertainment...

There are a few things that make a good band a great band. You need passion, sincerity, honesty, originality, dedication, and of course you need talent. But to me the most important element has always been chemistry. If you don't have that then your performances can end up being painful for the band, and for the audience. Well fortunately this band has it all, including a truck load of chemistry. The players work off each other so well, and their execution of the music is absolute perfection. Jam-packed with charisma, the band takes you on a journey through the 70's, playing songs that we all know, but have (probably) never heard from a live band. The heart and soul of The K-Tel All-Stars lies in the exceptional musicianship, and the vocal abilities of the entire band. This is the only band I know of that can wow the crowd into a whirlwind of nostalgia, striking  the crowd's sentimental heart with a flood of memories resulting in a night of dancing and singing along. I'm proud to say that The K-Tel All-Stars have been asked to come back and perform a second (or third) time at each and every event they have played. I highly recommend that you book this band. They're primed and ready to make your next event a success. As one promoter said, "You really need to see them live."

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