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Which One's Pink?

Since 1998, Which One's Pink? has been bringing its critcially acclaimed tribute to Pink Floyd to the finest concert venues in California.

A Note From O'Mara Entertainment...

I can understand why the band has such a short, and to the point bio. It's hard to express exactly what this band is capable of. And, it's hard to convey the incredible amount of talent that is shared among the group. When someone asks me about the band, I use the word, tribute, but is there another word or phrase that's superior to "tribute?" Well, if there is then that would describe Which One's Pink. I included a video to show a brief glimpse of how the band looks and sounds, but in no way does it do the band justice. I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd. I've seen the original band perform, I saw the version of the band (after Roger Waters split the band) during the Division Bell tour, and I've seen Roger Waters on his solo tour. When it comes to Pink Floyd, I know what I'm talking about, and Which One's Pink is every bit as good as the original. The sound is big. The show is big. The band is precise. The band is brilliant. The band is phenomenal. I mean, do you like Pink Floyd? You do! Great, because I have a band that will satisfy each and every Pink Floyd fan. Set your expectations high my friends because Which One's Pink will take you on a musical journey far beyond the realm of anything you can imagine.

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