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The Who Generation

The Who Generation is an amazing tribute to the British rock band THE WHO, recreating visually and sonically the magic of the original band. The group was featured on AXS TV's, "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands."  Two of the members have also performed with the legendary singer, Roger Daltrey.

A Note From O'Mara Entertainment...

I love The Who, and I'm happy to say that The Who Generation represents the mod movement that they are well known for. The Who has always had four distinct personalities in the band, each one exhibiting their unique style and flair. The Who Generation captures each of these individual identities, in this marvelous recreation to this well respected rock band, as they flow through a catalog of legendary hits that have defined a generation. The show is packed full with all the iconic branding that has made The Who a worldwide sensation. The band brings The Who to life with their costumes, leaps, jumps, microphone swinging, whirlwind drumming, stoic bass playing, guitar windmills, and more. Long Live Rock!

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